Don’t ask ’cause they won’t tell

Water officials think it’s better not to tell you what is in your water because you wouldn’t understand it anyway.

From the article:

In Philadelphia, the water department has not informed its 1.5 million users that traces of 56 pharmaceuticals or their byproducts — like the active ingredients in drugs to treat depression, anxiety, high cholesterol, fever and pain — have been detected in the drinking water, and that 63 pharmaceuticals or byproducts had been found in the city’s source watersheds.

and this nugget:
Mayor Robert Cluck later said a trace amount of one pharmaceutical had survived the treatment process and had been detected in drinking water. He declined to name the drug, saying identifying it could cause a terrorist to intentionally release more of it, causing significant harm to residents.

You can read the full article from MSNBC here:

Tainted drinking water kept under wraps

Many researchers fear public would misunderstand, overreact to disclosure